White light interferometry 3D surface profiler

Roughness, Step profile - 3D morphology - SEM-like effect

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3D Laser Profile Sensor

Ultimate high precision measurement · Rich software functions Professional technical team support

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Confocal Laser Displacement Sensor

Material independent · Small size · High precision

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Film Thickness Instrument

Ultra-high accuracy · Rich application scenarios Multi-layer measurement · Millisecond sampling frequency

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3D Automatic Metrology for Substrates

Ultimate high precision measurement · Rich software functions Professional technical team support

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Wafers, chips, polishing pads, cutting blades and grinding wheels, solar cells, panels, MEMS, FPC

Automotive, Aerospace

Cylinder detection, injection system, sheet metal parts, engine block, brake system components, leading and trailing edges of turbine blades


Testing coatings, measuring material roughness, flatness, and volume of porous materials

Optical industry

Measurement of lenses, filters, cylindrical lenses, glass surfaces, intraocular lenses (IOLs), and contact lens molds

advanced manufacturing

Micro manufacturing, additive manufacturing, injection molding, GD&T measurement of drilling, milling, and cutting tools

Tool industry

Testing tools, grinding, hardness dents, printing rollers and their wear


Chip height measurement

Using EX230, 20X measuring lens

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Chip size measurement

Measuring lens with EX230, 20X

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Wafer surface etching measurement

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Cylindrical mirror array

Using 50X mil interference objective and vertical interferometric scanning (VSI)

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Roughness measurement of ultra-smooth mirror stitching

Measured using a 20X mil interferometric objective and vertical scanning interferometry (VSI)

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Lens mold measurement

Using 20x Michelson interference objective and vertical scanning interferometry (VSI)

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0.05nm lens roughness

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PCB dimension measurement

Through 100X mil interference objective lens and vertical scanning interferometry

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Atometrics--Inspect for Inspect for Excellence

Atometrics is a Boardstone brand focusing on high precision inspection, dedicated to providing better and more advanced 3D topography measurement solutions and technologies to our customers. Our belief is to provide high quality products and services.

We have experienced researchers and engineers, the team's rich industry experience and superb expertise are the key advantages to ensure our customers' success. Quality products and service, customized industry applications, allow us to flexibly adapt to the rich application of our customers.

Innovation is the soul of Atometrics. With our extensive knowledge in the field of optical measurement, we are able to continuously apply advanced technologies to new product through close collaboration with top research institutes, so that we can continuously optimize our core technologies. The industry's first SST and GAT algorithms, combined with innovative hardware design, have resulted in industry-leading products that are smaller, easier to use, and more accurate.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, with offices in East China, Central China, and a joint R&D center in the US.

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